1. hoish said: you eat ass?


    Guess what… Grown ups do that…
    boy to girl,girl to girl,boy to boy,shemale to shemale… Dog to dog

    Why is this such a common question with you kids? The only thing I could think of, is that you’re young and have just done it for the first time, or your thinking about doing it… Still makes me laugh

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  4. knowing you’ll never be dylan rieder :(

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    Diesel Boardslide. joshwilsonphoto NY. 2K14.

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    Brian Downey - fs board 270 out into bank


  9. girlfag:

    I wanna be stereotyped
    I wanna be classified
    I wanna be masochistic
    I wanna be a statistic
    I wanna be a clone

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